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The NEMO Elite app is meant to be used when a shooter needs to quickly determine ballistics solutions in a number of directions, for multiple landmarks, instantaneously. This gives the shooter a quick mental reference as he moves between shots quickly. Other ballistics apps only provide a single shot solution.

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Classes and Training

Learn how to truly shoot your NEMO by some of our country’s BEST Snipers! As part of the NEMO Elite, members will receive $250 off on advanced shooting classes taught by R4Evolution. The instructors at R4Evolution hail from the Special Operations community, each have multiple combat deployments, served as Snipers during combat and as instructors for the Army’s Level 1 Sniper School at Fort Bragg and were the champions for the International Sniper Competition.

Northern Red stands ready to provide security solutions in high-threat environments — and develop others to do the same. Shaped by the toughest military training in the world, and forged in today’s hostile and war environments, the Northern Red team is considered to be part of what some define as “The American Warrior Class.” Our goal is to create the security and stability, nationally and internationally, to help foster peace and economic growth. Northern Red proudly takes on dangerous, complex engagements that require courage, capability, as well as the ability to work independently, creatively and strategically. In short, Northern Red delivers…
Warrior-Class Security Solutions For an Unstable World.


Date and location TBD

Check out R4Evolution for more info.

Northern Red

Date and location TBD

Check out Northern Red for more info.


  • There are times after all when a job calls for a 22-pound sledge rather than a four-pound hammer. This may be busting tough game at long range, smacking steel way out there or for professional use against targets that shoot back. NEMO’s Omen is intended to provide serious rifleman with a noticeable step up in performance over the .308/7.62.

    — David Fortier, Defense Review —
  • When you’re good, you’re really good. I just received my new Tango 8 Carbine with Kryptek coating upgrade for large predator hunting. Without glass and the suppressor this unit weighted in at 6.5lbs. WHAT? That’s right 6.5lbs and my first time to the range it shot under a ½ inch at 100 yards with 175gr match ammo. OUTSTANDING RIFLE NEMO ARMS!

    — Casey Foster, Director-Special Projects Gemtech —
  • The Omen is a great choice for anyone interested in long-range shooting. With the superior ballistics of the .300 Win. Mag. matched with the ergonomics of the AR, it makes for a rifle that’s fun to shoot for hours at a time.

    — Tom Beckstrand, Guns & Ammo —


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